“I went to ER of Texas in the middle of the night on a weekend. I was greeted with a smile and was able to see a doctor right away. The staff were so professional & compassionate and took great care of me.”

    - Connie

    “I have had to come to ER of Texas twice, and each time has been such a pleasant experience. They took such great care of my 3 year old and when I had to come. They get you in and out efficiently which is a PLUS. I highly recommend them!”

    - Jeanette V

    “All the physician's at ER of Texas does an incredible work. I would like to thank you guys so much for the amazing treatment and care you gave us. I appreciate you very much for everything. I also want to thank everyone else that took care of me.”

    - Judy L

    “I have never experienced a nicer doctor and staff than here at ER of Texas. I was seen, treated, and discharged fast and with ease. The staff had wonderful bedside manners and I will be returning if I ever need to and they will be my first choice!!.”

    - Justin T

    “We brought our young son in after dealing with stomach flu for several days. We were in a room and receiving a consultation within minutes of our arrival. The entire staff made our son feel so comfortable, and the care he received was top notch.”

    - David G

    “This place is hands down the best medical office I have ever visited! From the second we walked in the door, to the second we left, these folks are the most attentive professionals ever. They ease your anxiety, nerves, are informative, and the list goes on and on. It is so clean.”

    - John M

    “Excellent services and brand new management. Readily accessible all year around”

    - Hibah G

    “Dr. Olusola Balogun and staff was very friendly and so accommodating for my family! Thank you all so very much!”

    - Wendy V

    “Wow! Fast, friendly, professional service. Dr. Balogun, Candace, Derek and Jessica were amazing! Thank you!”

    - Jose D

    “Dr. McDonald, Tara, Martha and kaitlyn were awesome and made me feel at ease! Thank you so much!”

    - Stacey D

    “If you want excellent service and GREAT care come to this ER location!! The doctors are so wonderful and caring and they really pay attention to their patients! I love the ER of Texas!!”

    - Kate M

    “Very professional and fast service. Dr.McDonald and Technician Nick took very good care of me and had me in and out in no time.”

    - Gabriel V

    “I will not go anywhere else than here! Very professional, friendly, personable, knowledgeable! Dr. McDonald, Dianne, Kim and Jessica were hands down amazing.”

    - Anthony D

    “Excellent care from Dr McDonald and staff. Very easy check in and great job explaining what they were doing and the results. Highly recommend this facility.”

    - Debra C

    “Dr McDonald was excellent and very personable to me. You don't get that from ER Dr's alot. All the staff was great.”

    - Garrett G

    “We had an amazing experience with Dr. Reuben and his team. The facility was clean, friendly, welcoming and treated us quickly. Will definitely be returning when needing emergency care!”

    - Morgan S

    “The ER of Texas in Highland Village was amazing! I just happened to drive by and see it and glad I stopped. Service was quick and very friendly. Dr. McDonald was very nice and informative. Candace was my nurse. She was so very friendly and attentive.”

    - Amy B

    “Very good service. I came in here yesterday after falling of my scooter while breaking part of my jaw, scraping my knee, and the bottom of my chin. Dr Pearce was very helpful putting the stitches on my chin so that way it won’t bleed a lot. The rest of the staff were amazing and caring. I highly recommend this place.”

    - GreatCity G

    “I recently went to the ER of Tx Highland Village, because I thought I broke my finger. When I got there Nicole, at the front desk was very welcoming and sweet, she immediately got us checked in quickly and easily!☺️ My experience at the ER of Tx was awsome and the service was great!”

    - Christina M

    “Everyone here was very helpful, pleasant, and accommodating. They went above and beyond to make me comfortable the whole time I was there. Thank you Dr. McDonald, Dianne, and Nick for taking such good care of me!!!”

    - Larry J

    “ER of Texas and Dr. McDonald in Highland Village are just great! The facility is new and is incredibly clean. My family and I were seen and evaluated quickly by a staff that was courteous and professional.”

    - Klemens R

    “Dr. McDonald was thorough and helpful. He went above and beyond to make sure my overall health was in check. Clean facility with fast service and welcoming staff!”

    - Matt

    “Going to the ER is never a fun or expected event, but the staff that helped us was among the best ever! Dr. Linsky and Candace were amazing! Incredible expertise and excellent customer care! They went above and beyond!! I would absolutely go here if you have to go to the ER.”

    - DeLaPorte

    “Would just like to say thanks to the staff of ER of Texas. Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. McDonald was great! Excellent facility and service! I would highly recommend this location for any emergency needs!”

    - Wesley F

    “ER of Texas in Highland Village was Awesome! Every person from the front desk to the doctor ( and especially everyone in between) made me feel like I was their number 1 priority. They were amazing and will be back if we ever have an emergency. I will definitely let everyone I know about them!”

    - Amy R

    “I brought my husband here last night.Dr McDonald his nurse Tara and technician Martha were fantastic!! Kept us up to date on everything they did!! Friendly compassionate and caring people!! Everyone was very helpful and highly recommend this place to anyone who needs help.”

    - Traci R

    “We would highly recommend ER of Texas in Highland Village. Dr. Longdon, Nurse Candace, Tech Nick and Kaitlyn with the front desk were all awesome to deal with and very attentive to what was going on.”

    - Kim H

    “As soon as I walked in, Nicole greeted me and made sure I was seen quickly. Saw Dr. McDonald, who was very attentive and explained everything! I came in for a sensitive matter, and Nurse Candace was a huge comfort! I would recommend this place to anyone.”

    - Terra H

    “We visited ER of Texas to get tested for COVID. Dr McDonald is top-notch! He is caring and attentive. The rooms and offices were clean and bright. The process was easy and discharge smooth. They are definitely my first "go-to" choice when I need help.”

    - Gina R

    “Dr McDonald, Erin, and Nick took fantastic care of my daughter tonight. They went above and beyond to check every test possible and make her feel so much better. Thank you!! If needed we will be back for sure.”

    - Jennifer O

    “I was brought into the ER at 4am on a weekday, writhing pain with a kidney infection. The team, even at this hour, was extremely responsive. I've never been to an ER but if I ever need to again, this will be my first and only choice! Thank you!.”

    - Chalon D

    “I brought my husband to the ER after three days of food poisoning, and the experience was incredible. From start to finish, Dr. McDonald, Nurse Candace, and Nick the technician were attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. They made a really tough day bearable. Definitely recommend.”

    - Kiley W

    “First off these ER is amazing they care , they listen and make sure the are Thorough with explains medications and test results . And I big thank you to Dr. McDonald , RN Diane and CJ they took care of me and cared about my comfort.”

    - Elizabeth D

    “I went to the ER of Texas in Highland Village and received excellent care from Dr. McDonald and horse Diane. I could not get in to my doctors office or another place so I came here. The service here was fantastic. If you are feeling ill and can’t see your doctor I would come here.”

    - Kimberly T

    “Great service!! Very friendly and helpful from front desk to the physicians! They were thorough and went above and beyond to give me great medical care! Would absolutely return for medical attention, and more importantly, I would trust them to treat my family!”

    - Alishia Y

    “I was in my first ever car accident and Jessica greeted us and had us seen a couple of minutes after arriving. She made the check in process smooth and easy. Dr. McDonald and Nurse Diane assured that all of my concerns and needs were met. Since I had hit my head pretty bad and had pain in certain areas of my body, Technician Chris completed through CT scans to make sure there were no serious injuries.Thank you all so much for making such a scary moment a little bit easier knowing I was in good hands!”

    - Moriah D

    “Dr. McDonald. Everyone at ER of Texas genuinely cares about their patients. Covid has changed medicine however ER of Texas still has that caring bedside manner. I highly recommend ER of Texas in Highland Village.”

    - Kaitlyn M

    “Dr McDonald was very professional and quick to respond to my illness. He got me fixed up ans released quick . All the staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. I would recommend this ER of Texas to anyone.”

    - Abigail P

    “I had an asthma attack at the movies in highland village and came here because I couldn’t breathe. The staff was so attentive and kind and took care of me like I was a top priority patient. Nurse Tara was amazing and was smooth and efficient with my treatment, and Dr. McDonald was super attentive and was very thorough with making sure I was okay before being released.”

    - Kiley T

    “This place is hands down the best medical office I have ever visited! From the second we walked in the door, to the second we left, these folks are the most attentive professionals ever. They ease your anxiety, nerves, are informative, and the list goes on and on. It is so clean, they offer snacks, drinks and constantly check up on you. You are treated as a human, not just another number. They truly care about your well-being. Dr. McDonald, Tara, Derek and Nicole - y’all rock! Thanks for all that you do!! Keep up the great work.”

    - Stacy R

    “Loved the experience at the Highland Village Er of Texas. Doctor McDonald was awesome great personality and made us feel welcome. Tara our nurse was super funny and amazing. Derek was awesome made us laugh and made us feel at home. Nicole made our check in super fast and easy. The whole building was super clean and bright. Definitely going to be my "go-to.”

    - Andrew C

    “Excellent care was provided to my son by Dr. McDonald, Nurse Dana and Techs Nick and Martha. It was an overnight stay. Unfortunately we have had a few trips to ER of Texas but each time the care has been nothing short of excellent.”

    - Jennifer J

    “Great experience at this place! Dr McDonald, our nurse Vaneica, and tech CJ were all very polite professional and attentive. No one ever looks forward to needing emergency assistance, but this is where we will always come if we need to seek care again. My daughter had a soccer injury that needed attention and the staff here took great care of her. Thank you everyone for your care!”

    - Jennifer A

    “Late night, New Years Eve, stitches needed for my son. We went into ER of Texas and were seen right away. Dr. McDonald did a fantastic job stitching him up. Great care and bedside manner. DeRonda and Abbas were kind, helpful, and attentive too. Couldn’t have asked did a better experience.”

    - Megan S

    “All the physician's at ER of Texas does an incredible work, but my daughter and l had the opportunity to be seen by these two amazing physicians, Dr. Wilson and Dr. McDonald. I would like to thank you guys so much for the amazing treatment and care you gave us.”

    - Patience H

    “Highly recommend this ER for any emergency medical needs! It is clean, hospitable, and efficiently run. We brought our 7 yr old in and were given the highest degree of care we've ever recieved! We had to bring the whole family with us and they went above and beyond to make us comfortable. They even ordered us lunch! Jessica, who checked us in and was very kind, got us in quickly and answered all my questions. Dr. McDonald, Candace, and Nick have great bedside manner. I cannot say enough nice things about this place. Will never go to a traditional hospital over this place!!.”

    - Tabatha D

    “Highly recommend, 10/10. I got into a crash on I35 and totaled my car. Jessica at the front desk helped me with my paperwork and was so sweet. The nurse Diane promptly got me in a room and took great care of me. Chris the radiology tech had me in X-ray within 10 minutes of arrival. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Longdon were wonderful. I have never been to an ER where I was treated like family. Thank you all, I appreciate each one of you!”

    - Tara K

    “Dr. McDonald, this place is top notch when it comes to service & health care! They truly listened to us and stayed on top of everything. We had some specific questions that they answered with ease & grace. They not only treated what we came for medically but they made us feel exceptional leaving. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness & assertiveness. This is the first place I will turn to if I need too in the future.”

    - Katie C

    “The ER of Texas has an exceptional staff. Dr. McDonald, Nurse Candace & Tech Nick provided me with the best care possible. I am so thankful for each one of them. All of them took great care of me providing a calm & peaceful environment.”

    - Nora Z

    “Dr McDonald was attentive and so kind. Made me feel comfortable right away. Candace the nurse and Nick the technician were great as well. All very personable. I highly recommend the ER of Texas!”

    - Helen M

    “We brought our young son in after dealing with stomach flu for several days. Dr McDonald and his entire team were absolutely amazing. We were in a room and receiving a consultation within minutes of our arrival. The entire staff made our son feel so comfortable, and the care he received was top notch.”

    - Tyler D

    “ER of Texas in Highland Village is a high tech facility with a neighborly small town vibe. I highly recommend ER of Texas in Highland Village.”

    - Missey H

    “I have never experienced a nicer doctor and staff than here at ER of Texas. I was seen, treated, and discharged fast and with ease. The staff had wonderful bedside manners and I will be returning if I ever need to and they will be my first choice.”

    - Emily L

    “I have had to come to ER of Texas twice, and each time has been such a pleasant experience. They took such great care of my 3 year old and when I had to come. Dr. McDonald was our doctor both times and has such wonderful bedside manners. I highly recommend them!”

    - Hannah C

    “The staff was absolutely amazing. If I need the ER again I’m 100% going to this one! Clean, fast and very friendly!! Thanks guys!! And Dr. Passi!”

    - Erin B C

    “I was a patient last week and I couldn't be more pleased with the level of care provided to me. The staff was amazing and the doctor was truly exceptional. Thank you to everyone at ER of Texas Little Elm. I definitely recommend!”

    - Artie W

    “Nurse Lee and nurse Dorothy are awesome and so was the nurse with the purple hair . Very attentive to all of our needs . They even ordered us chick filet for breakfast. Now here we are Watching movies and being cared for by a great staff at ER Little Elm.”

    - Josh

    “This ER Little Elm is great. The doctor and nurses were caring and were able to diagnose my issues right away. Best thing was that there was no wait time. We were in and out in good time. Would definitely recommend them for your emergency needs.”

    - Shabber J

    “These guys never cease to amaze me. I’ve been here a total of three times. Once I fell off a roof and cut my hand from one side to the other and had to get 17 stitches. These guys are super reasonable with pricing, so much so that they actually tell you the pricing. Before hand...that never happens at an ER btw. I would recommend this ER little Elm!”

    - Dana G

    “Took my husband here when he got his finger caught in a mower blade. I can not say enough about this place. Nurses, doctor, first desk everyone was awesome. The doctor was amazing!!! What should have been surgery. She did such a fantastic job putting his finger back together he didn’t need surgery. I was amazed. Super informative and nice. Everyone here is fantastic and I will refer ER of Texas Little Elm anyone I know here!”

    - Sinead S

    “I took my 6 year old daughter in because she was feel in sick. The nurse, Kayla took great care of us. Dr Pierce listened well, and explained her diagnosis and treatment plan well. Both Kayla and Dr Pierce we’re very friendly and gave us priority care! This facility ER Little Elm and their staff are amazing! I would recommend them to anyone needing care.”

    - Ben D

    “If I could rate the ER of Texas 10 stars I would! The doctors were thorough, the nurses were accommodating, and the front office staff was very friendly. I am super thankful for the care and customer service I received from them today. I 10 out of 10 recommend this place!”

    - Sarah R

    “I’ve been twice for COVID. They really took care of myself and my family. They were quick and professional. The staff was friendly and were great with my young daughter.”

    - Hicham H

    “Great facility, staff and service. Our 2yo boy needed a covid test, the first of which at a completely separate clinic came back positive. Skeptical of those results, we wanted to get a better test that ER of Texas has. We're thankful we did because our son and entire family's test came back negative, which helped us avoid a lot of inconvenience had we taken a different clinic's test as gospel. Thanks ER of Texas!”

    - Charles P

    “I want to thank everybody at the ER of Texas Little Elm for such excellent treatment. Nurse Kayla was fantastic and treated me like a family member. Nurse Kayla explained step by step What was going to happen. Doctor Pearce did an amazing job treating me. I would recommend Er of Texas to anyone and I would definitely go back.”

    - J. Hernandez

    “Everyone is So kind, intelligent and fast paced. In a world full of darkness right now, this place is a godsend. Big big thanks to Dr. Stephanie Nelson and her team this morning that helped me. I would absolutely recommend this ER to anyone who knew me. In fact I already have! Thank you ER Of Texas Little Elm!”

    - Carrie S

    “Dr. Blankenship rocks. Such a great personality. He was helpful and he even did my IV because the nurses were too busy. I love this place. I go here all the time and it’s the same experience.”

    - Robbin S

    “I had to check in my husband recently for severe abdominal pain. I am forever grateful to Melissa, Dr Lee and Dr Torres!!! They did everything to rule out major conditions and gave my husband some needed relief. Thank you to Kenneth, Kayla and Dana as well…they had to take care of my child in the same time as well. The care, respect ,compassion and understanding my family received here cannot be purchased with money!!! Thank you again for everything that you did for my husband and child!!!!”

    - Ioana

    “I don’t know how there are bad reviews for the place; it was amazing!! Finally somewhere around here that doesn’t act like they are above you. The front desk was so sweet and laughed with me at all my ridiculousness, DR Pierce was amazing also extremely sweet and understanding, the nurses were on it and I got 2 warm blankets not just 1. Seriously such amazing service with zero attitude from any of the staff. ERs and I don’t usually see eye to eye as most of the ER staff in this area think their to good to do their job! Not to mention this place is CLEAN CLEAN!!”

    - Macayla

    “ER of Texas Little Elm was by far the best experience I have had in any urgent care setting. Our wait time to be seen by the doctor was less than 15 minutes. All of the staff were extremely friendly and professional. The doctor had outstanding bedside manner and put me and my daughter at ease in a stressful situation. Skip the hospital ER and go to ER of Texas, I highly recommend them.”

    - Laurie B

    “I brought my young son here in the middle of the night for Croup. All of the staff were outstanding and it they made my kiddo feel so comfortable. His nurse, Simi, was so gentle and sweet to him and really tried to build a relationship with him. Dr. Blankenship was so down to earth and you can tell he truly cared about being a doctor. I would 10/10 recommend this facility!”

    - Katie H

    “This clinic is fantastic! It’s very clean and inviting when you walk in and they even offer an array of snacks and drinks to make you comfortable. We love the staff and feel very cared for here! This is our forever ER clinic Hillcrest as they made us feel right at home.”

    - Brittney G